Bring Your Custom Lighting Design Vision to Life

When seeking the perfect lighting for your home or a design project, your journey begins with thinking about the fixture style and design and imagining the ambiance you want to create, from cozy corners to dazzling focal points. The question can become: will standard fixtures from the manufacturer's line work for you, or does your vision call for a custom creation?

A Schonbek offers unique and elegant detailing that is versatile but distinctive in a subtle way: our lighting implies luxury, success and good taste.

From beginning to end, we work with you to create handcrafted, made-to-order designs destined to make your space sparkle brilliantly. These designs leverage Schonbek's core competencies of using quality, hand-pinned crystal, laser-cut metalwork and beautiful, hand-detailed finishing.


Schonbek Custom Lighting Solutions

1. Personalized to Your Taste: Make one of the standard luminaires from our Schonbek collection your own by personalizing the crystal trim shape or finish color on one of our frames or retrofitting it with integrated LED or LED bulbs. Our customs team will help you select the options that bring your design vision to life.

2. Tailored To Your Space And Budget: We can tailor the size of our luminaires to fit your space while maintaining the integrity of the original piece. Our engineers consider all aspects of the changes, including the proportions, diameter and height to create a piece that is sized perfectly for the room.

3. True Custom Lighting Solutions: If you are seeking a unique design, present us with your inspiration, and we will work with you to create a custom crystal lighting masterpiece of elegance and luxury.

Whether you envision classical chandeliers sparkling from warm incandescent illumination or ultra-modern LED lighting installations, our experienced team will bring your bespoke design vision to life. Our heritage of sparkling crystal, beautiful hand-detailed finishing, and the passion and pride of our craftspeople prove that the only limits to a stunning custom light are your imagination.

The Schonbek custom team has years of experience creating something entirely new that fulfills your vision while managing project parameters of budget, electrical needs, installation and mounting challenges to provide the custom solution you require as a designer or architect.


Residential Project Spotlight: Custom Spiral Luminaire, Private Residence, Austin, TX

This unique spiral luminaire was designed for a luxurious private residence in Austin, TX. The stunning 30-foot spiral luminaire is trimmed with hundreds of various sizes of sparkling faceted crystal beads and accented by 40mm faceted crystal balls. The crystal strands are draped around the body in an alluring design to provide optimum brilliance as light is gracefully reflected from its LED light sources.


Hospitality Project Spotlight: Custom Ceiling Installation, Marriot Marquis, San Diego CA

This artistic custom luminaire was conceived using the design language of natural materials and clean, modern detailing throughout the Marriott Marquis's public spaces. The fixture's center is a mountainscape composed of Swarovski crystal strands that create lines like those on a topographical map.

The mountainscape is surrounded by crystal-trimmed, mirrored elements bent into organic, undulating, ocean-inspired forms. The crystal's illuminated facets release brilliance throughout the ocean-like water element, creating a fluid effect. The Schonbek team assembled and installed the fixture on-site at the hotel as part of the project scope.

Select Schonbek for Your Custom Project

● We can modify standard fixtures, such as retrofitting with LED bulbs, using integrated LEDs, or making it larger or smaller. Or, we can create unique and personalized custom lighting.

● We offer luxury material options such as leather, glass, metal, unique crystal styles and various other materials to customize special orders.

● We provide 3D formats, photometric data and other assets to ensure the fixtures you choose conform to the lighting plan’s specifications.

● Schonbek enjoys a global reach and has a network of international partners to supply you with the right product in the shortest lead time.

● We continually research innovative technologies, forms, and processes to stay ahead of competitors and ensure your lighting uses the latest trends and technology.

● Our quality is uncompromising. We perform quality inspections at every step of the design and production process. We test to ensure conformity to UL and other applicable standards and use packaging engineered specifically to fit the product.

● We have a dedicated internal project management team that will assist with all stages of the lighting plan, from concept to installation. Our customer service team supports order processing, logistics inquiries, inventory, product questions and claims.


Schonbek Custom Crystal Lighting. You dream it, we create it.


How can we help? Please contact us with any questions on our standard or custom lighting fixtures, or any other information you mau need.

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